3D vehicules

Restaurant trolley

Replic of the restaurant trolley of  Ratatouille!
XSI, Max Vray, Photoshop  (ASOBO Ltd.  France)

The Red Alfa
For the fun, a WIP Alfa Romeo

XSI, rendered in Vray (Zbrush for the wheel and Photoshop)

Flying machines
-For Slitscan Ltd.
An old flying thing

Modern zeppelin? Or an old one?
 Silo, XSI and Photoshop 2010

In the air tonight
Those flying models were elements of a feature film (aborted project).

The bad boy...

...the good one...

...and the very bad one!
Silo, Bodypaint and Photoshop 2009-Slitscan Ltd.

Truck for Unreal
XSI, photoshop, for the Unreal engine
zen studio ltd.


many polygons for PC games. But nice work to build them!


Citroen TUB

All of those old goodies were for Stormregion Ltd.

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